Oh my, we've been talking about putting out a new release for many moons -- HOWEVER, we're glad to announce that we're going to have our new album hitting the streets in early 2018. And yes, there will ...

BIG STICK NOW ON SPOTIFY, ITUNES, ETC!! 24 August 2012, 15.38
We are glad to report that you can finally listen to BIG STICK on Spotify, and download our music on itunes and the other popular cyber music outlets. Enjoy! ...

Hear "Classic" and New BIG STICK with free NPR HEARING VOICES MP3! 23 August 2011, 20.24
NPR's  (National Public Radio's)  "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" edition of their HEARING VOICES show is now available as a free MP3. Hear BIG STICK's classic "DRAG RACING".  Preview our new "DRAGUMENTARY" track ...


Big Stick is comprised of John Gill and Yanna Trance. The duo met in art school. They formed Big Stick when realizing their mutual taste in music. In late '86 they had their first indie top 10 record in the U.K titled "DRAG RACING". The song was selected by BBC Radio 1 deejay John Peel, for his "special box," a collection of approx 100 discs that were his all-time favorites and featured in the "John Peel's Record Box" BBC TV production in conjunction with the U.K. Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. "DRAG RACING" was also picked by artist extraordinaire Robert Williams for his "Chrome Smoke & Fire" Hot Rod Music Picture Disc Compilation. Big Stick experienced "grateful jammies" success in the U.K. and received significant college airplay in the States. Domestic and foreign gigs with Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and other Blast First/Mute label mates ensued.

John and Yanna penned the title track for "The Devil's Jukebox," a popular 7" box-set collection that includes select tracks from Big Stick and other bands from the Blast First/Mute roster. A real "Devil's Jukebox," complete with horns, tail and cleverly added devilish accessories was fabricated and stocked with all the records of the box set. It was a prize in a contest held in conjunction with a U.K. music publication. Throughout the 1990's Big Stick continued to put out successful "alternative" (for lack of a better word) releases. Tracks such as "CRACK ATTACK," "HOOCHIE KOO TIME," "A THREAT," "HOKEY POKEY GIRL," "PANTHER," "TIP OF MY HEART," "DADDY LONG LEGS," "RACCOON RIVER," "BOTTLE CAP," and others were frequently played over the liberal airwaves, both domestic and abroad.

Big Stick's last release was some twenty years ago. John Gill and Yanna Trance are genuinely pleased to FINALLY have completed a new LP's worth of material to share with the world, and are planning to release it in early 2018. (And yes, there will be vinyl records!) The album features guest performances by Fred Schneider of the B52s, Groovie Mann of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Jerry A of Poison Idea, Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative, Paula Henderson, Tom Timko, Shawn Banks and Dave Smoota Smith among others.

Some sidebar stuff... John Gill and Yanna Trance are active with their own respective art pursuits. Gill draws and paints. Trance sculpts and paints. Big Stick once released an album under the Drag Racing Underground moniker. Gill appeared in Holly Hardman's SEASCHELL BEACH film, where he played the abstract role of being the "confused conscience" of the movie's leading lady. Gill and Trance did the music score for Hardman's BESOTTED. Big Stick's "JESUS WAS BORN ON AN INDIAN RESERVATION" has become a standard for classical and jazz musicians to perform. Bubblegum-goth-synth-pop female duo Electrocute, who claim Big Stick as a major influence, performed Big Stick's "HOOCHIE KOO TIME" track live in European film director Oskar Roehler's classic GIERIG. Poison Idea's "JUST TO GET AWAY" track was heavily influenced by Big Stick's "JOE TURNER BLUES" - a song that appeared on a split 7" with Sebadoh on the Sonic Life label.






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