BIG STICK new release FINALLY set to surface in 2017!! 08 June 2017, 17.46
Oh my, you're saying to yourself. Heck, Big Stick has been claiming that they're going to be releasing their new album every year now for the last four years! However, we can now say with confidence that ...

BIG STICK readying for 2014 release 01 May 2013, 18.29
We are chuffed to report that BIG STICK is finishing up an LP's worth of new songs. We've got some great guest friends and musicians on the project. And yes, we do plan to release vinyl. You are invited ...

BIG STICK NOW ON SPOTIFY, ITUNES, ETC!! 24 August 2012, 15.38
We are glad to report that you can finally listen to BIG STICK on Spotify, and download our music on itunes and the other popular cyber music outlets. Enjoy! ...


Big Stick is comprised of John Gill and Yanna Trance. The duo emerged in late '86 with their timeless classic hit "Drag Racing". The record got plenty of college airplay in the U.S. and healthy commercial radio attention in England and Europe. Big Stick's catchy "Jesus Was Born On An Indian Reservation" also made an impact due to persistent radio play. The duo signed with Blast First/Mute Records and enjoyed critical acclaim and success on foreign shores. Big Stick penned the title track for "The Devil's Jukebox", a very nifty 7" box-set collection that includes select treasures from Big Stick and other bands from the Blast First Record's roster such as Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and the Lunachicks. Artist extraordinaire, Robert Williams features a Big Stick track on his vibrant and colorful "Chrome Smoke & Fire" double LP picture-disc set. The Robert Williams picture-disc set is a hand picked compilation of Robert's all time favorite hot rodding tunes. Robert Williams' collection of preferred hot rodding tracks includes luminaries Bill Haley, The Trashmen, The Four Speeds and Lola Dee among others.

Big Stick continued to release successful "alternative" (for lack of a better word) releases through the 90's. Songs like "Crack Attack" (both indie and major label versions), "Hoochie Koo Time", "On The Road Again", "A Threat", "Bionca Blast", "Hokey Pokey Girl", "Shake Baby Shake", "Hellfire", "Broadcast Booth", "Daddy Long Legs", "Panther", "Summerday" and "Petula" all became frequent rotaters over the liberal airwaves here and abroad. Big Stick has toured England and Europe, and has performed sporadic gigs in the U.S., including an extensive stateside tour with industrial icons My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.

Big Stick's John Gill appeared in a film by Holly Hardman titled "Seaschell Beach". John played the abstract role of being the "confused conscience" of the movie's leading lady, "Sally Seaschell". John Gill and Yanna Trance also completed a film score for the feature film Besotted. John and Yanna are presently concentrating their collective efforts on recording new Big Stick music tracks. The duo is in the studio, creating new sounds for your listening pleasure. Big Stick are also honoured to be included in John Peel's (of BBC Radio1's) almost mythical record box containing around 100 of his most treasured records. He claimed that in the event of a fire, this box would be the most important thing to rescue besides himself and his family. Big Stick's Gill and Trance are appreciative to John Peel for including them in his collection of most treasured records. Some other artists featured in John Peel's box include The Beatles, The Yardbirds, Marc Bolan, Lightnin' Hopkins, Sam & Dave, The Buzzcocks, MC5 and The White Stripes. This honour also resulted in BIG STICK being featured in the critically acclaimed TV documentary titled "John Peel's Record Box", an hour long program that tells the story of John Peel's life and career while highlighting the artists/music from his record box. The program airs each year annually on BBC-TV in conjunction with the U.K. Music Hall of Fame Awards.

Big Stick are currently in the studio, recording and mixing a new release. Fred Schneider of the B52s and Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Seventh Void, Danzig) have recorded guest appearances on this new work. The tracks are coming along well, and we look forward to finishing up and unleashing them on a much deserving public.

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